Night - PJ Van Schalkwyk
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The High Sierra Hotel II

The High Sierra Hotel II

Our 6 day hike Sequoia National park ended at Columbine Lake, a rugged location with a remote alpine feel. This remoteness it part due to its location on the eastern side of the 11600- foot Sawtooth pass, which makes it quite challenging to access. Located high above the tree line, Columbine Lake sits in a granite bowl surrounded by a circular ridge of jagged granite peaks. Rising directly above the lake is the 12,343-foot Sawtooth Peak.
Photograph description and technical details:
This is a blend of two images taken an hour and 30 minutes apart in the same location. I wanted to combine the cooler twilight glow and the setting moonlight hitting the background peaks with the milky way, and I needed slightly more time for it to come into view. The lighter right part of the frame is due the moonlight in the west. The tent in the foreground was light-painted with green LED light stick.