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500px Photo ID: 92188307

500px Photo ID: 92188307 - On a recent 5 day trip to Zanzibar, we visited Paje and Jambiani on the east coast of the Island. Waking up before sunrise every morning I would watch the development of the day. How the dhow's started sailing out to sea as the tide retreated , and the transformation of the beach into shallow water farming grounds. Many locals would then start their day collecting shellfish and catching octopus.
While in Jambiani, a rural village very close to Paje, I set out to photograph the woman who work as seaweed farmers.The seaweed is an important source of income for these woman and it's exported to be used in the pharmaceutical, food, textile and cosmetic industries. I knew from the start I wanted a strong picture of these woman in their every day environment. It was never easy photographing them and using telephoto just never gave the feel I wanted. It took me a couple of days to get in close enough with them and in communicating in basic Swahili with them they softened up a bit, since they saw me on the beach everyday. When I started framing them I knew this was the picture I wanted. Minutes after, the sun broke through the gloomy clouds and lit up the scene with perfect lighting! Environmental, wide angle travel portraiture is a style I really admire and I will be doing as often as I can in the future.
Hope you enjoy the image as much as I did creating it. Cheers!

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