Mountains/Adventure - PJ Van Schalkwyk
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Blyde River Rainbow

On one of my previous trips back to South Africa, I was fortunate enough to swing by the Blyde River Canyon -- one of the great natural wonders of the African continent. I have always been blown away by images of this place. It's is one of the largest canyons on Earth, and it's probably the largest green canyon because of its lush subtropical plant life, especially during the rainy summer months.
Blyde means "happy" in Dutch. When the voortrekkers (Early Dutch pioneers, and also my ancestors) explored this area, they named it "happy river" in 1844 on one of their expeditions.
When I arrived at the canyon, the conditions were not too good -- it was raining and there was no light whatsoever. However, I stuck around and observed that the system was moving west and that the sun would break through soon. When it finally did I could not believe my eyes. Not only did I get the light I was waiting for, but a mind-blowingly beautiful rainbow as well. The Blyde "happy" canyon really lived up to its name, and the adrenaline and dopamine were rushing through my veins. I used an ultra-wide focal length (16mm) in portrait format and stitched nine images to include the entire rainbow.

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